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Kalia distinguishes itself in the plumbing industry by offering a range of products noted for their exceptional design and quality. As a leader in innovation, Kalia's design studio meticulously crafts products that not only meet but exceed industry standards, backed by a lifetime warranty.


Vanico-Maronyx, a renowned company in the world of bathroom fixtures and furnishings, specializes in creating luxurious and innovative products. Their offerings range from elegant vanity units to sleek bathtubs and stylish shower bases, all designed with a blend of functionality and aesthetics

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Odass, a proud Quebec family business, epitomizes the fusion of seasoned experience and a modern approach to home bathroom solutions. Specializing in high-quality domestic bathroom products, they offer a range that combines luxury with affordability. Their commitment to success extends to every partner, ensuring a collaborative and fruitful business relationship.

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Muraluxe, an innovative company in the realm of interior design, specializes in creating stunning, high-quality wall panels that transform spaces. Their panels, known for their durability and ease of maintenance, offer a practical yet elegant solution for both residential and commercial settings.

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ARB Teak & Specialties is a premier manufacturer and distributor known for its high-quality teak wood products. Specializing in luxurious and durable teak furniture and accessories, they cater to both indoor and outdoor settings. Their product line includes elegantly crafted patio furniture, spa accessories, and bathroom fixtures, all made from sustainably sourced, Grade A teak wood.

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Saniflo, a renowned leader in the plumbing industry, specializes in producing innovative, high-quality macerating and grinding toilet systems. These systems are designed for ease of installation in areas where traditional plumbing might be challenging or impossible, such as basements, attics, or under stairs. .

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